La Belle Story

The name La Belle Mariage (the beautiful marriage) was influenced by St.Lucia’s French Creole heritage/culture. Although English remains our first language, the Creole is often utilized by natives. 

La belle Mariage is the only destination wedding company in the world that exclusively specializes in St.Lucia weddings, hence the reason we are the absolute best. We maintain personal relationships with all the talented vendors on island, which allows planning your wedding to be smooth sailing.  

Wedding seating and alter set up on tropical beach without people

Why Choose Us?

Our US-based Director is very knowledgeable about everything pertaining to St.Lucia because she was born on the island and has lived there for 27 years .

  • We find your preferred accommodation, therefore you and your guests do not feel compelled to pay for an all-inclusive stay. Many of our wedding groups want to enjoy some local cuisines, island tours, and street parties to get a true feel of island life. 
  • We love what we do!
  • Our  team on island is comprised of a Senior Planner & Creative Designer who worked 10 years at a very reputable resort chain for weddings & honeymooners.
  • Exclusive savings that you will not find anywhere else.
  • One wedding a day: Yours

Meet JoyAnn!

Wedding Director & Island Specialist

I am a true product of St.Lucia. As an ambassador for my country, I have represented St. Lucia at multiple pageants including the 2011 Miss Universe pageant in São Paulo, Brazil and the 2008 Miss World pageant in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am often referred to as an island gem because I have assisted numerous brides with turning their wedding day into an unforgettable experience. My strong ties to St.Lucia allows me exclusive access to the highly skilled vendors.

Some Little Known Facts About Me:

    • In my head, I am an amazing dancer but videos prove otherwise. I got some great island moves though. I am certain that I can teach you.
    • My favorite part of  weddings are the moments before the bride starts to walk to her groom. I feel the same excitement and butterflies all the time.
    • My size is no indication of how much I enjoy food. Many people eat to live. I, On the Other hand, live so that I can eat. Iced coffee & ice cream are at the top of my food pyramid along with a nice slice of pepperoni pizza.